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Meet Aman Kanwar

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Aman Kanwar (aka the Traveling Vet) was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. While growing up, Aman always felt a deeper connection with the animals he encountered than most people around him. After graduating from Simon Fraser University with a degree in Biology, Aman decided to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine at RUSVM in St. Kitts. Being on the small Caribbean island gave Aman the opportunity to be involved in various animal rescue operations. Soon, Aman began to realize his dream of starting his own Non-profit animal rescue.

"Way before I wanted to be a vet, I always wanted to have my own animal rescue. Having working for different rescues over the years solidified how badly I wanted a collaborative organization that can bring awareness to the different animal welfare topics around the world.

‘The Traveling Vet Rescue’ is a 501c registered non profit that ties in the 3 things I am most passionate about: 

1. Helping animals that may otherwise not receive it.

2. Traveling

3.Animal welfare education.


We will be partnering with different rescues not only in North America,
but all around the world! I am beyond excited to share all the adventures with you guys!"


What do we do?

Some of our initiatives 

Peeping Dog
Shelter Medicine 

We are firm believers in helping every animal in distress as best as can - regardless of their financial situation.


We go on international trips to places where veterinary medicine is urgently needed and not available.


We bring back dogs from international destinations for adoption. We also work with our local shelters for adoption!


We are huge advocates of education. Educating the community and our future generation about how to properly care for our animals is what will make the biggest difference in the world. 


We advocate against animal cruelty of all kinds - both internationally and domestically.


Meeting and working alongside animal rescuers from all across the world is what helps bring us all together to help make a larger difference!



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